Here at Pamco, we are quite often asked for ideas on decorating a babies new room. Obviously, we recommend the use of baby safe products (paints, fabric's etc) but can also advise on the necessity of which furniture and accessories may be needed.


We do also, get lots of feedback on how wonderful our products are and sometimes even a photo of a customers new nursery all set up and decorated. So, we thought, what a wonderful idea to see if we can gather lots of these pictures for all our customers to see and share some of the amazing design idea's that you, our customers, have come up with.


So, we are asking for you to send in your photos of newly decorated rooms showing how creative you've been and how you have used your Pamco products and made a wonderful looking nursery. And as a big thank you, every 3 months, we will choose the one we think looks the best and they will win a product of their choice. The best photos will be listed for everyone to enjoy.


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