We recognise you may want or need to purchase multiple items (especially if this is your first baby) and we are happy to work with you on pricing and selection of the piece's you need. It may be a bit daunting when you first start shopping for baby things so please feel free to ask our advice on what things you do and don't really need or how useful they are.

We are able to move a little on price if you are purchasing multiple items (4 or more), for example, a Cot, Buggy, Inner Spring Mattress, Change table. But as everyone's requirements are different (you may choose a bassinet, toy box or highchair instead) please let us know and we'll do our best to assist.

Likewise, if you are the expectant parents of twins of triplets, it is going to be a rather expensive exercise to purchase everything you need so we are very happy to work with you on this. We have worked with the Multiple Birth Society of New Zealand during the development of our two twin cots so have listened to their feedback to try and develop products that have added value and extended life.


And of course, if you have already been into some retail nursery stores, you will notice our prices are already significantly lower than most before any discounts!


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