Pamco Baby Cots (all are 4-in-1's Export Size)

Pamco's range of cots are designed to ensure you are purchasing the most versatile Cot/Bed/Settee's available.

All of our cots have:
  • Best possible price all the time! 
  • All Cots can convert to bassinets, settee's and beds as well - 4 in 1's
  • Castor wheels you can attach or leave off
  • A full set of hardware and instructions for assembly
  • Our assembly video if you need it!
  • EXPORT (or sometimes called American) Size mattresses 1300 x 690mm (SOLD separately)
Assemble your cot in the room of use - they are too wide to pass through a household doorway.

Layby's are welcome and are usually set up with $100 deposit and balance over 4-6 weeks.

All of our cots are 4 - in 1's (Tudor - Bassinet, cot, settee & Bed)


Teething Strips and Protectors - Important for protecting your investment!

Teething strips or teething protectors can also be purchased to protect your cot from 
nibbling little teeth - a way of ensuring better resale value.

Currently holding stock in white colour of Tudor, AB & Balmoral Cots 

Mattress size is 1300 x 690mm - export size or sometimes called American size

Tudor Cot in Rimu stain $699
External Size 1405 L 775W 1005Tmm              

Tudor Cot in White  $699  
External Size 1405L 775W 1005Tmm     

Out of stock  Out of stock

Sleigh Cot available in Rimu Stain $699
External Size 1495L 770W 1020Tmm

Sleigh Cot available in White $699          
External Size 1495L 770W 1020Tmm

Out of Stock Out of stock

Balmoral Cot In Rimu stain $799   
External Size 1490L 835W 1115Tmm

Out of Stock

Balmoral Cot in White $799
External Size 1490L 835W 1115T    

Available NOW

AB Cot in Rimu stain 
External Size 1505L 815W 1032Tmm                

AB Cot in White $799    
External Size 1505L 815W 1032Tmm     


Out of Stock Available NOW

ALL Black Cot in Black  $799 each
External Size 1505L x 815W 1032T mm
Rimu Stain Only $499 
External size 1260mm L 630mm W 1020mmT
Steel two handed hardware

Out of Stock                                                                   Out of Stock

Pamco has also been extending the boundaries of innovation with its twin cot range of practical, adaptable cots to assist parents in

ensuring this is the most wonderful time in their lives.

Our specially designed Twin Cots can be used so your twins can be near each other but still have their own space for sleeping.

KING Twin Cot as a bed in Rimu stain
or gloss White    
Size - 2100mm L, 1035mm W, 1030mm T
(conversion pack makes 2 king single Beds)
 Special Size mattresses required $275 each.

KING TWIN Cots in Rimu stain
or gloss white  

 2 separate compartments with a perspex panel


Available NOW 


Twin Corner Cot available in White or Rimu Stain $1099

2 separate compartments with a perspex panel divider .
Size - 1480mm L (back side) 900mm L (front side), 815mm W, 970mm T
Special sized innerspring mattress required $275 each or foam $85 each
Have your twins close to each other but still have their own space for better sleeping!

Available NOW

 PLEASE NOTE - all mattresses and bedding are sold separately unless otherwise stated. 

40% OFF all COTS 




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