Baby Cot Mattresses

We recommend only using an inner spring mattress for your babies cot
over a 100% foam one. Baby bedding is very important so purchase a
baby bedding set that will be best for your baby. 

Remember to turn and rotate your babies mattress regularly!

NZ mattress regulations recommend a gap of no more than 20mm on each side
of the mattress  and the side of the cot. This is to prevent babies getting stuck. 

- see a sample of the inner core of our baby cot deluxe mattress.


Baby First Inner Spring Mattress - Export            Baby First I/S Mattress - Organic cotton cover
Cotton Cover/2.5mm steel cage/ Polyurethane     Cotton cover/ steel I/S cage/Polyurethane 
5 Year Warranty                                                            Removable cover for washing
Export Size 1300L x 690W x 120D mm                    Export Size 1300L x 690W x 130D mm
Price $135 each                                                           Price $159 each


Ferryway Deluxe Inner Spring Mattress
 $185 each                                                                     NZ Standard Size Inner Spring Mattress (B/First)
Polyester/cotton cover/ steel I/S cage                       Polyester/cotton cover/ steel I/S cage/Polyurethane 
Unique 3 foam layer including memory foam.        NZ Standard size is 1200mm long by 585mm wide                                        
Export Size 1300L x 690W x 130D mm                    Has zipped removable cover

                                                                                    $165 each                       
ALL in Stock 

Please remember to advise your preference when ordering any
of the export sized mattresses.

To care for your baby cot mattress sponge with dampened cloth or remove cover
and machine wash if possible

Keep inner mattress dry - vacuum regularly and do not dry clean

UK Cot Bed Mattresses - 1400mm x 700mm
- we can also supply these baby comfort UK cot mattress sizes $225 each
Similar to our deluxe mattress

New to Pamco -
baby bedding sets & Accessories

     Cot Fitted Cotton Sheet      Flannelette Bassinet    Cot Flat Cotton Sheet
     Code 2224                             Sheet Set                       Code 2223 
     NZ$18.99 ea                          Code: 2180                    NZ$16.99 ea
                                                    NZ$16.99 ea   
                                                    Fits 650 x 300mm 

     Cot Flat Cotton Sheet                           

     Pure Wool Aircell               InVenta Sleep Bag             Dr Sprott Mattress Cover     
     Cot Blanket 90 x 120        Swaddle Sack                     Code 1054
     Code 3802                           Code S6TPL                         Price $24.99
     Price $89.99 ea                  Price $99.99 ea


     Bassinet Mattress             Enviro Foam Round       Cot Pillow 
     Foam-tetron Round           Code 4112                       Code 4130
     Code 4110                          Price $25.00 ea                Price $17.00 ea
     Price $35.00 ea

    WOOL PROOFED          Quilted Waterproof
 COVER 750 X 900MM
  Price $49.90 EA                 Price $24.95


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