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Please check through the parts below for what you need and let us know via
Email on our enquiry or order pages. We do ship world wide so please don't
hesitate to ask and remember, a safe cot is good for babies sleep and your piece of mind!

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PLEASE NOTE - all parts orders are now shipped via post (no collection service available)

J 09 Series Cot Parts - available in brown (Rimu) or white colours


Please note the direction of the spring loaded section (on J09-3) to ensure
you receive the correct side.
Available in white or brown
Rubber buttons for bottom of J09-1 are $1 each
Will fit E-Baby, Tranquility, Baby Hood, Jolly Jumper and Pamco Cots

$15 for each Piece  - please advise clearly if you need 2 as these are not sold in pairs. 

Full Set of parts $60 (10 pcs) and we can send fitting instructions for new cot building.

J 04 Series Dropside parts 

Baby Cot drop side Full Set  - please note, clip sections are now in Metal so stronger!
Jolly Jumper, Skep, Tranquility, E baby, Mothercare, Swallow and some Mothers Choice cots.
Please note the J04-5 short bolts no longer come with his set as were usually to short to
 be of any use.

$15 for each Piece  - please advise clearly if you need 2 as these are not sold in pairs. 

FULL Set of Parts (8 pieces) $60 

Available in brown (Rimu) and white colours
Can also be purchased as full set for building your own cot $60

Baby Cot Parts D-03 - Left/Right
Flip Flops (called Gravity Catches)
left (as you view here) or right side
55mm L x 35mm W 28mm T
$15 each or $25 per pair.


Cot baby W-45
Locking Castor Wheels

42mm wheel with lock.
Cost $5 each.

Cot baby D-02
Drop Rod Brackets

Holds the rods in place on older
style cots
53mm L 33mm W 9mm hole
Cost $5 each.


Baby Cot Barrell Nuts
10mm circumference x 20mm length
used for holding base and fixed sides.
Cost $1 each.

Cot Teething Strips
Protect your cot from little teeth.
Fits rails 20-21mm in width.
Cost $27.50 per pair ($15 each)


Cot baby Cloth Protectors (in Navy or lilac)
Another option against chewing.
$25 per pair or $15 each 

Either of these protectors will ensure a better sale price when you on-sell - no teeth marks!

Baby Cot Rods D-01
Steel Drop Rod
930mm long 8mm round
$35 each.
These will require 2 Flip flops & 2 
brackets as well

Full Set $99


Cot baby P-01 Left/Right
Hidden Dropside Hardware

Left or Right Side
(currently in Black nylon only)
Cost $25 each.

If building a cot, you will need 4 P02

pins & 4 D nuts. Fitting instructions

are available.

Full Set $85

Baby Cot  Joint Connector Bolts
These bolts come in lengths 120,
 80, 70, 60,  40, 35 and 20mm lengths
and a brass Cap used to fill the
extra base hole when not in use.
Cost $2 each.


Cot baby D Nuts
These special nuts are used inside
base rails and are secured by screwing
into the timber using a 6mm alan key to
gain a purchase inside the timber.
$1 each.

J09 - Building your own cot,  
purchase a complete set and fitting
Brown or White  $60 set

J04 - 2 handed set also available for
building your own cot.


Baby Cot P-02 Drop Side Pins
(for hidden mechanism cots)
Pamco cots needs 2 of each type above
Boori cots requires 4 with head
Will also fit Bruin Cots.             

$9.50 each Cot pin

Baby Cot Alan Key - M6 size
Rubber Screw
$1 each

  Baby Cot Paint repair and touch up kit. 
Rimu stain, black and gloss white available.    
$15 each

Touchwood baby cot Flip Flop Clips 
Left or Right sides $20 each piece

To order, please go to 

PLEASE NOTE - most parts shown are sold individually (unless otherwise stated). 


Please order 2 if you need a pair. 

If you are looking for replacement parts for Touchwood cots, Baby Factory, Genesis cots, Mothercare cots
please send us an e-mail and we'll try and assist. If your unsure, photo's are always useful for us to help

identify what you may need.

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